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  • This Many Boyfriends

    This Many Boyfriends

    It’s been natural that the past couple of years has seen most artists shy away from making certain statements about themselves. This Many Boyfriends aren’t really like most artists, though. Unashamedly indie pop, if you’re searching for a band to obsess over and potentially change your life, you’re in luck.

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  • Patterns


    Patterns used to be a band who claimed they liked to make loud music in darkly lit rooms. But out of the darkness came light, and the shimmering glory of their 2010 debut release, New Noise. So good that it convinced Manchester ‘zine makers Pull Yourself Together to set up a record label to facilitate its release. The spacious, celestial sound they’ve captured has since seen acclaim pour in from all the right places; Huw Stephens already suitably impressed enough to invite them down to play his night at The Social in March.

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  • Ghost Outfit

    Ghost Outfit

    It’s a cliché, but some bands do really deserve to be played loud. Ghost Outfit don’t just warrant that treatment, they absolutely demand it. The world isn’t short on raucous two piece outfits, but this duo stand out on merit with their energetic lo-fi masterpieces that have been played through the tinny speakers of influential bloggers the world over, but sound much more at home being blasted out in the flesh. They’re a beast with many different sides, as unpredictable as they are brilliant, equally as likely to bash out the hook laden, grimy joy of ‘I was good when I was young’ as they are to make a collage of noise, masterfully knitted together.

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